Compute It

About Compute it

The Pitch

Let's switch roles : this time YOU are the computer ! Read and interpret the programs to find the right trajectory and win the challenges. You will have to focus and use your intuitive abilities to understand some core concepts of programming.


This game main focus is on code reading. After finishing Compute it, you will have a good practice on how a computer reads some code. It will be a useful skill when discovering code written by other people.

But it’s an essential skill while writing your own code too :


Suited for beginners who have never coded

Warning For Educators !

We designed “Compute it” to be usable by educators with zero knowledge, or even without educator. If you plan on using “Compute it” with a classroom or friends of yours, and if you are already comfortable with the notions we use, try not to explain too much, and let the players figure it out by themselves.

It’s easier for the beginners to be introduced to abstract concepts by practicing than by using complex words. And figuring it out will reward them with a “eureka” moment, and have more impact.

We witnessed it several times in our test sessions : beginners assisted by an expert friend typically have a slower progression.

To have a positive effect as a guide : only provide small hints, and only when the player is asking for it or seems stuck.